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For Incredible Crop Yield, Full lawns, and Resilient Turf

Naturally enhancing soil, roots, and plant health

USDA Certified Organic

Lower Loss & Increase Yields

All Natural Products

AgPro Technologies has a proven record of success. For more than 30 years, our clients have had the benefit of improved plant growth and health with a natural, effective and sustainable product.
Quality & Service Since 2008

Reduce the amount of synthetic fertilizers and harsh chemicals commonly used to grow plants.

Chemicals are harmful to people and counter-productive. AgPro microbiology technology naturally increases micro-organisms that live in your soil. This increase in micro activity improves nutrient uptake, making plants healthier and more resistant to diseases and stressful events such as cuttings, dogs, sports, weather, and harsh chemical applications.

By enhancing soils natural processes, the soil is naturally detoxified, PH levels balanced, and water and air flow more efficiently. Improved soil structure therein reduces the need for fertilizer and decreases excess fertilizer and chemical run off. Healthier plants grown naturally means more beautiful plants!

Whitney Sjostrom
AgPro Tech, President
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Easy Application & Cost Effective

better plants, Higher productivity, & Increased resilience

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Landscape & Maintenance

Lawn care service providers will have a better more resilient product with just a single seasonal application.

Grow Operators

Higher Yields, Reduced Costs, and Plant Resilience. AgPro Technologies provides a holistic solution.

Agricultural Producers

Higher yields with improved life cycles. Increased resilience to environmental damage: hail, wind, and frost.

Home & Gardening

Gardners have the peace of mind of a 100% Organic product safe while producing great results.

Golf Facilities Managers

Reduce risk and liability for problematic grass, while increase soil health, and having a healthier facility.

Sod & Grass Growers

We will help you produce a higher quality product in less time while reducing product loss and damaged.